Self Initiated Project

The 3M Project is officially over and will be marked at the end of the year during the end of year exhibition except for those who have been shortlisted to further their final ideas and produce it.

I one of the few lucky students to have been selected to finish the 3M project which is good news!! However it also means I have to juggle both projects at the same time…no rest for the wicked!

For my self initiated project I want to use it as a chance to build up my digital painting skills and portraiture skills. The reasons being because I still want to get into computer games concept design when I graduate and I know that these skills are necessary in order for me to accomplish that.  

To do that I will partake in drawing live portraitures of people that volunteer to do so and then use digital painting to practice with.

For digital painting I will undertake online tutorials to learn how to do so.

My tutor Christian has also suggested that I tie this in with my placement as I will not be able to take a year out to go on placement due to financial reasons Christian suggests that I get in contact with games design companies and ask them to provide me with a live brief instead of doing a placement year which I am very interested in.

Separate Blog for 3MBIC brief

As requested by my tutor we have been instructed to create a seperate blog containing work designed for the 3MBIC Brief and this new blog can be found here:

This has been done in order for our client to look at our work easily without having to find their way through the current blog which will be filled with different areas of work and may become confusing.

This blog will contain other strand works and projects.

Contemporary Practice in Contexts

For this strand students are to wrh and create and design a conference poster presenting a choice of research and a statement. The poster itself has to be A2 and contain 1,000 words and will accessed according to the strength of the argument and how we convoy the verbal and visual forms and the overall coherence of the poster.

The poster has 5 points that must be included in the poster and they are:

  • Your title, name and institution   
  • A position statement
  • The research question explored
  • Sources  (written formally)
  • Images / graphics / diagrams as required

To help get started on this project two questions must be answered -

  • What is the research idea you want to explore?
  • Can this be expressed in the form of an open-ended question? 

Deadline is the 28th March

So then…

So I am still unsure as to what to do for the External Project and so I have decided to practice my drawing skills to achieve the goals I have mentioned earlier and to begin with I decided to draw a portrait of one of my favourite characters from the film Star Wars that being Anakin Skywalker; the reason why I have chosen to do this was to make myself more interested in what I am going to draw. First I will use pencil to draw out the character and then later on I will make alterations to it such as digital painting, painting etc.



After that I may feel more confident in my abilities and attempt to draw portraits of myself and as advised by my tutor Bob I will draw myself from life using a mirror as photos are made to be flat and so much of the details you can see in life may not be seen on a photo.

Also to further help improve my portraiture skills I have bought a book called The New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards. A critically acclaimed book that helps people improve on their portraiture skill, and also to help me understand the relations between colours and improve on my use of colours I have also purchased Betty Edward’s Colour A course in mastering the art of mixing colours. 

I don’t think my goals will be able to go hand in hand with the external brief as portraits may not be what the client is looking for, for the 3MBIC however this could link in to my own project which will take place after the 3MBIC project so this work will stya tie in with my university work but maybe not this brief…


Unknown Photographer (n.d) Anakin-Skywalker-SW-ep-III-Temple-Assault-anakin-skywalker-13345809-852-480.jpg 852x480 pixels [Online Image] Available at: < > [Accessed 31/1/2014]

Unknown Photographer (n.d) The Psychology of Darth Vader Revealed | LiveScience [Online Image] Available at: < > [Accessed 31/1/2014] 

Questions for 3M

Although the brief is still slightly obscure I now know what areas I would like to improve and learn upon I am begining to have some direction with this project however I think only after the meeting with the client will it become a lot more clearer as to what the client wants from us for this brief.

To help understand what the clients want I have produced some questions that I think will be relative to the project and help understand what exactly it is they would like producing for their building.

The questions are as follows:

Who are the clients?

What will be the function of the desired piece?

What is it intended to do?

What is the purpose of the allocated space?

Scale of project? (minimum and maximum)

How much space are we allowed?

What is the life time of exhibit piece?

Will there be a commision if so what is the budget?

Will resources be available to us?

Would you like a relation between the work and business?

Have they held exhibits before?

Health and Safety Issues?

Ethical Issues?

3M Buckley Innovation Centre

3M Buckley Innovation Centre acts as a catalyst to promote Business to Business and Business to Higher Education collaborations delivering commercial opportunities via flexible access to its technical and research facilities.

The Centre with its state of the art facilities provides a unique environment and facilitates partnerships between businesses and with the University.

Collaborations lead to new research and development, promote innovation and technology transfer and create an atmosphere of dynamism, entrepreneurship and creativity. The objectives include ensuring success in national and international markets, encouraging open innovation and a systematic approach to cross-sector collaborations.

3MBIC houses start-ups, SMEs, and large corporates and lends itself to dynamic interactions which promote supply chain and demand led innovation.

Working with tenant companies and a range of business partners, the Centre offers access to finance, markets and technology through a range of commercial, technical and support services. New ideas and collaborations between academia and industry are supported through Innovation Avenue with its specialist equipment and resources.

Tenants and network members are encouraged to establish close working relationships with the University’s academic and research staff and the Centre actively facilitates this partnership and dedicated technical support is on hand.

The 3M Buckley Innovation Centre is the environment in which business has the opportunity to thrive

Designed to meet all the demands of modern business in addition to which services include:

  • Innovation Avenue facilities including 3D printing
  • Fully equipped workshop & wet chemistry laboratory
  • Meeting room and exhibition space
  • Concept development space
  • Support services to access University Research & Development
  • Networking opportunities
  • 3MBIC Network Membership (priority access and reduced rates for 3MBIC events)
  • Optional Virtual Tenancy services, telephone answering and mail forwarding *subject to criteria

Offices and Laboratories

Access to flexible accommodation

  • Workshops with bookable facilities
  • Corporate lab space
  • Multimedia exhibition space
  • 26 SME offices
  • Large SME open plan offices
  • Three SME laboratories
  • Hot desk facilities for new companies and start-ups

This information sheds light on who and what the 3MBIC prupose and goals are however it doesn’t really help ascertain what it is that they want producing (artwork wise) for the building. These questions will become clearer after the meeting with the client however this information will be relevant as it helps me understand what it is the 3MBIC do and after the meeting with the client the answers aquired then will be combined with the information on here to hopefully find a solution for this brief.


Unknown Author (n.d) About | 3M Buckley Innovation Centre [Online] Available at: < > [Accessed 30/1/2014] 

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Unknown Author (n.d) Services | 3M Buckley Innovation Centre [Online] Available at: < > [Accessed 30/1/2014] 


This term I would like to expand on my current skillset and also improve my current skillset (such as my drawing skills, painting skills and 3D work) and the new skills I would like to learn are primarly digital art (in particular Photoshop) and new ways of painting (new mediums) such as acrylics, oil, and gouache. I also want to experiment with the use of watercolour pencils however due to financial difficulties some of these mediums may not be available to me. However at this point in time I would like to focus on digital art.

I also want to improve on my portraiture as at this point I am very confident in my anatomy drawings however my portraiture skill is not on par and I would like to improve on this element.

Innovation and Creativity

We have been asked to consider what Innovation and Creativity means as these are the two key words for the 3MBIC briefing…

So then what exactly does innovation and creativity mean?

When I think of innovation I think of something innovative has to be new, a new idea that has not really been done before, an idea that may open up a new world of ideas.

And when I think of creativity I think of something that has been done not neccassarily a new innovative idea however the techniques or the style or even the way the delivered idea has been achieved in a different way.

Dictionary Definitions: (taken from the Oxford Dictionary)


1. the action or process of innovating: innovation is crucial to the continuing success of any organization’

2. a new method, idea, product, etc.:technological innovations designed to save energy’

Definition given in lecture: 

1. trans. To change (a thing) into something new; to alter; to renew. Obs. (rare after 1750).

 2. To bring in (something new) the first time; to introduce as new. Obs. exc. in Comm.

 3. intr. To bring in or introduce novelties; to make changes in something established; to introduce innovations. Sometimes const. on or upon (also with indirect passive). spec. in Comm.

Dictionary definitions – source OED online


the use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness:firms are keen to encourage creativity’

Now that I have defined what innovation and creativity means I must admit I am no closer to coming up with ideas for the projects however I want to set myself a few new goals that I want to achieve this year with my work and skillset so once I have outlined what areas I want to imrpove upon maybe then ideas for a project will come to me.


Oxford Dictionary (n.d) creativity: definition of creativity in Oxford dictionary (British & World English) [Online] Available at: < > [Accessed 30/1/2014]

Oxford Dictionary  (n.d) innovation: definition of innovation in Oxford dictionary (British & World English) [Online] Available at: < > [Accessed 30/1/2014]

Term 2 - Studio Practice 4 

For this term we have two projects although this is stil subject to change however as it stands I understand that there is an External Project and there will be two Negotiated Projects.

The External Project is a project set set by an individual, collective, company or agency external to the university. There will be a range of these from which each student can select according to the direction of their work and ideas. This might include projects such as live briefs, commissions, publishing, competitions/awards, curating or exhibiting in exhibitions. This will provide you with insights into working within professional contexts and offer networking opportunities.

For this project we have been offered the 3M Buckley Innovation Centre commission as an external project that all students can get involved in. The commission asks us to produce work that explores the idea of innovation within the context of what 3M BIC are trying to achieve. To begin this project we have been asked to develop the idea of innovation through sketchbook work, experimentation and making.

We have two weeks to undertake this preliminary work. 

The Negotiated Project is two negotiated projects, each self-initiated, and based on self-authorship of a concept or text.
Each will begin with a body of visual research from which you will devise your own project brief. The projects may be linked or separate; again, this will be negotiated with the tutorial team. Support will be given in methods of devising project proposals/briefs. If you don’t know where to start - then start anywhere. You may find it useful to reflect on what you want from the term as a whole and identify projects that give you the room to develop new ideas, ways or working, or extends what you’ve explored in Studio Practice 3.
At the moment we have been asked to focus on what the words Innovation and Creativity mean and also to produce work that go with innovation and creativity.

This project brief is obscure as it stands as there are many factors I am unsure of such as what would the client want exactly? Why? What will be the purpose of the artifact?

There will be a meeting taking place with the client of this project so hopefully these questions will be answered then so for now I will conduct research about the 3MBIC center which may shed a some light on what they do and what they would want as an art piece.